Senior Project Engineer - Gresik PMR


Job Summary

Plan, direct and control all aspects of the Project in accordance with Company Policy and procedures to maximise EBT achieved, whilst ensuring all contract requirements are well delivered and in compliance with HSE and CSR policies.


Bachelor's Degree of Engineering

Skill, Knowledge, and Experience

  • Min. 11=15 years previous experiences in construction and engineering
  • Comprehensive knowledge of engineering and construction management principles and practices and the associated flow of design and construction project management
  • Ability to recognize potential claims and manage project contract activities to avoid costly claims and litigation
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective monitoring and control systems and carry them to the intended conclusions to meet Agency goals for the program
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written is an advantage


Core Competencies

2. Connected Level 14 - Gains Business Information through Networks
1. Agile Level 14 - Adaptable Problem Solver
6. Nurturing Level 14 - Promotes The Importance of SHE
5. Open Minded Level 14 - Analyzes and Supports Ideas Development
4. Innovative Level 14 - Invents New Alternatives
3. Trusted Level 14 - Accountable and Fulfills Company's Standard
Sustainability Performance Level 14 & 13 - Understand Sustainability Value
Digital Backbone Level 14 & 13 - Digital Business Model
Values Creation Level 14 & 13 - Incorporates Business Fundamentals

Other Requirements