Career | PT. Petrosea, Tbk

Life at Petrosea

How we work

Being a #Petrosean means having the ability to adapt and respond to any situations.

All #Petrosean have our core values (ACTION) applied in order to direct every employee to have the same main goals.

We care about you

There are many things you can do outside of work

There are always times to enjoy food together on various accasions. Who reject food anyway ?
There are many fun activities on the office or after the office hour. You can join voluntary on any of them
i have mention about fun sport activities right ? So what are you waiting for ?
in Petrosea, you can boost your productivity by winding down and play music with your team
in Petrosea, you can get comfortable while also being productive

What they say


SHE & Ancillary Strategic Training

“Always happy and enjoy the process in carrying out the work while staying focused on the quality of the deliverable.”


Cost Control System Superintendent

“Being a part of Petrosea have helped me grow from an inexperienced graduate into a full-fledged professional who is involved in collaborations, innovations and enhancements.”


Senior Legal Counsel

“My aspiration in work is to grow. The company gives me opportunities to grow and evolve. And the most exciting part of all is that they take me as the part of their growth”